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I am a student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), majoring in Computer Science + Philosophy. I am applying to CS PhD programs this year (for fall 2024).

You can contact me at the following email address: myfan3 {at} illinois {dot} edu.


My interests are as follows (in order of most recent/level of interest):

Recent News

Dec. 2023

I was invited to the Hausdorff Research Institute of Mathematics's program on the "Prospects of formal mathematics" (I will be in Bonn, Germany from August 4th-16th).

Oct. 2023

Our preprint, "Towards Proof Repair in Cubical Agda" is now on the arXiv.

July 2023

I was awarded the James Scholar Preble Research Scholarship, awarded by the University of Illinois to outstanding honors students involved in research.

June 2023

I was a research intern at NASA Ames for the summer, in the Robust Software Engineering group under the mentorship of Dr. Ivan Perez.

April 2023

I was awarded the Goldwater scholarship, a merit-based national scholarship established by Congress for research contributions and potential in STEM. School news article.

June 2022

I was a software engineering intern at Fidelity Investment’s Center for Applied Technology for the summer.


Food. A personal project of mine is to craft food from first principles. I've been making butter from scratch, with the aspirational goal of beating the artisanal butter found in quality stores. I started a primitive bartering system where my friends and I trade homemade goods that we specialize in (artisanal butter, chocolate chip cookies, pork carnitas, sourdough bread, etc.). Moooo 🐄.

Ham radio. I have a general class amateur radio license from the FCC (callsign: KC1LTV). I use my license infrequently.

Books. I'm currently reading Crime and Punishment and re-reading Dune (although I feel that the quality for Dune drops off in the later books). Book suggestions are welcome (I like most genres).

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